Google DeepMind’s new AI can model DNA, RNA, and ‘all life’s molecules’

Illustration of Google’s wordmark, written in red and pink on a dark blue background.
Illustration: The Verge

Google DeepMind is introducing an improved version of its AI model that predicts not just the structure of proteins, but also the structure of “all life’s molecules.” The work from the new model, AlphaFold 3, will help researchers in medicine, agriculture, materials science, and drug development test potential discoveries.

Previous versions of AlphaFold only predicted the structures of proteins. AlphaFold 3 goes beyond that and can model DNA, RNA, and smaller molecules called ligands, expanding the model’s capability for scientific use.

DeepMind says the new model shows a 50 percent improvement in prediction accuracy compared to its previous models. “With AlphaFold 2, it was a big milestone moment in structural biology and has unlocked…

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