Marvel is bringing a mixed reality edition of What If…? to the Vision Pro

A still from What If...? — An Immersive Story, showing Marvel characters The Watcher and Wong looking at the viewer, apparently as AR objects in the viewer’s space.
Who watches the watcher watching The Watcher watching them? | Image: Marvel / Disney

The Vision Pro is about to get what sounds like an honest-to-goodness mixed reality video experience from Marvel Studios and ILM Immersive, something the platform sorely needs. The companies announced What If…? An Immersive Story, which they say is Disney Plus’ “first-ever” interactive original content. It’ll come exclusively to Apple’s VR headset and use a mixture of augmented and virtual reality.

The hour-long What If…? episode is based on Marvel’s Disney Plus show of the same name. It’s a promising development for starved Vision Pro owners, and not just because it’s far longer than the small library of immersive films Apple has offered to date.

Image: Marvel / Disney

Gimme that time stone.

Marvel says…

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