You can save 15 percent on an LG C3, now as low as $847

LG’s C3 OLED TV turned on in a spacious living room.
The LG C3 is still one of the best gaming OLEDs you can buy in 2024. | Image: LG

With eBay’s spring sale going on right now and running through May 12th, you can save an extra 15 percent on purchases when you use code SPRING15OFF. There’s no minimum purchase amount required, but you can only save up to $500 on each of the two maximum purchases you’re allowed to make.

There are thousands of electronics you can purchase in the sale, but I want to shout out the 48-inch LG C3 today. Its usual $996.99 sale price was already beating traditional retailers by a few dollars, but with the code above, you can save another $149.55 and bring your total down to $847.44. You can use the same code on the 65-inch model, which then drops from $1,596.99 to $1,357.44 (around $240 off). The listings are by Electronic Express, a Verge-…

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