The Oura Ring will soon be able to gauge how ‘old’ your heart is

Man eating orange while wearing Oura Ring with a render of the new cardiovascular age feature.
Cardiovascular age is a proxy for how “stiff” your arteries are. | Image: Oura

Oura’s been busy this past year launching several new features — and folks with the Gen 3 version of the smart ring are about to get two more. At the end of May, the company will roll out cardiovascular age and cardiovascular capacity metrics for gauging long-term heart health. Emphasis on long-term.

“The thing about cardiovascular age and cardiovascular capacity is that these are both metrics that you can actually impact,” explains Shyamal Patel, Oura’s head of science. Right now, Patel says, Oura’s current feature set has been much more focused on your near-term metrics. “With these features, we’re sort of introducing this idea of longer-term health. What are the things that you’re doing today? How are they contributing to your health…

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