Jeopardy! is making its first-ever streaming spinoff for Prime Video

retro Jeopardy logo screen
Image: Sony Pictures

The classic competitive game show Jeopardy! is getting a spinoff series on Prime Video. Sony Pictures Television is producing Pop Culture Jeopardy!, which turns the classic academic quiz show with three challengers into a team-based trivia game that touches on music, movies, culture, sports, celebrities, entertainment, and more.

The new series marks the first time the company’s game show division is expanding the Jeopardy! brand to a streaming platform with a new show. Years ago, the company let watchers binge the main show on Hulu.

While the series sounds like a casual side mission for the franchise, Sony Pictures Television’s president of game shows, Suzanne Prete, states it will “be a nail biter” for fans and that teams will compete…

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